“GET YOUR 5-A-DAY” Remember that advice? Well, a recent study has concluded that if we want to really minimize the risk of illness we should all to be eating up to 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day!


No doubt, this can prove quite a challenge – so, here are my top tips for getting in an extra portion or two that may help you achieve this goal!


  1. Start your day with a green smoothie. Most reputable recipes have at least 2 portions of vegetables, making this is a great way to get started.
  2. Substitute starchy carbs like rice for cauliflower rice. This is so simple to make – simply cut up your cauliflower into small chunks and then blend until an even rice-like consistency is made.
  3. Spiralise your carrots, beetroot, courgette and butternut. They’re an excellent substitute for traditional noodles or even spaghetti. Plus, if time is an issue, your local supermarket will probably supply these ready made!
  4. Pimp your salads and stir-fry’s. Remember variety and the more colour you use, the more nutrients you’ll be consuming.
  5. For added variety, alternate white potatoes with sweet potatoes, which are lower on the glycaemic index and packed full of phytonutrients, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B6.
  6. Rethink your sugary snacks and rather reach out for berries and vegetable crudités such as raw broccoli, radishes, celery, baby carrots and sugar snap peas. Again, most supermarkets are now selling fruit and veg snack pots for added convenience.



The questions so many of my clients are asking me are:

  • How much is a portion? I always suggest using a small handful or 80g as a good indicator of portion size.
  • Is the split between fruit and vegetables equal? No, you should always aim to eat more vegetables than fruit. I suggest you aim for 3 fruit portions and 7 vegetable portions a day.



To find out more about how nutritional therapy can help you achieve your health goals, get in touch today: nutrition@sarahchesler.com or 07860472261.

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