When my two daughters started primary school, I soon realised what a difficult task I had in giving them a healthy snack throughout their school week.  From “snack-box envy” of their classmates, to my requirements for something quick and easy to pop into their bags, the typical school snack soon became way below nutritional standards.

So, in trying to give them the healthiest start in life with the best quality food I can, I have introduced a few simple rules into my home and have made a list of some delicious and healthy snacks that may help you too!  


  • White bread is not an option (brown is tasty and they’ll soon get used to it!)
  • Sweets, chocolates and deep fried potato crisps are not allowed during school hours (but can be the occasional weekend treat)
  • Fruit juice is always diluted and only given on occasion
  • Fizzy drinks are a no-go zone!

Healthy Snack Ideas

  1. Lunchbox-2Coconut chips – the Nudie Snacks and Coconut Merchant ones come individually packaged, are gluten and dairy free and are very tasty!
  2. Kale Chips – these are an excellent alternative to potato crisps and seem to be everywhere these days. Most are organic, have no added sugar or any other nasties like msg or additives.
  3. Vegetable chips – sweet potato kettle chips are delicious and have no added sugar
  4. Olives – these are so healthy and I find it such a pleasure to see my little one devour them!
  5. Dried fruit – The Snack Organisation sells individual small bags of freeze-dried Strawberry, Pineapple and Apricot. Dried mango and banana are also great options. Combine these with a protein snack (cheese) so that the sugars don’t release too quickly!
  6. Seaweed thins – Itsu sell the purest and in my opinion the most delicious ones.
  7. Cereal Bars – be careful which cereal bars you go for as many of them are packed with sugar and artificial flavourings. The ones I like are the Nak’d bars and the Kids Pulsin Bars, which have no artificial ingredients, reduced sugar and are gluten, dairy and soya free. They are available in multipacks of 6 and come in Strawberry, Blackcurrant & Apple and Orange Choc Chip variants.

As time-poor parents, I hope the above ideas help expand your snack repertoire. Remember, most of these items can be found in your local supermarket; otherwise all of them can be bought online from Amazon and delivered to your door!

Unfortunately, healthy convenience foods do come with a premium price tag, so combine with fresh fruit, cheese, cucumber and carrot sticks and together a healthy snack box needn’t cost the earth!

Finally, to make it easier for you to recognise and choose healthier options, why don’t you download the Be Food Smart app (launched by England’s Public Health Change4life campaign). I love it! It makes complicated food labels, simple and easy to understand!



To discuss more tips and advice to help you and your family eat better, email me on nutrition@sarahchesler.com or give me a call on 07860 472261.

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