A common question from clients who suffer with eczema is ‘besides taking corticosteroids, is there anything else I can do to help relieve my eczema?” And the answer to this question is yes!


There are so many strategies that you can try – some of which I will mention below – however these are my top two recommendations that seem to be the most effective and could help you.



1.    Rebalancing your gut bacteria. Rebalancing your gut bacteria aims to clear your body of any harmful yeast or bacterial overgrowth, both of which can be eczema-causing culprits. These imbalances can be caused by antibiotic use, the birth control pill or even a low fiber, high sugar, high-refined carbohydrate diet. Correcting these imbalances can make a profound difference when trying to eradicate eczema.

2.    Healing your gut lining. Leaky gut (aka increased intestinal permeability) can create an inflammatory state in your body. Food particles can literally start to ‘leak’ through your gut lining causing food sensitivities – especially to gluten and dairy – which are essentially the two biggest food triggers of eczema. Leaky gut can also trigger other health issues including fatigue, brain fog, depression, allergies, joint pain, headaches, sinus and autoimmune disorders.



Of course, there could be many other eczema-causing-culprits, such as stress, food sensitivities, specific body lotions or detergents, however the above two arise when your body is out of balance or inflamed, and so bringing these under control can sometimes make all the difference.


It also goes without saying that eliminating processed, sugary and inflammatory foods, while adding in healing, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory foods are key. Plus, using the right supplements, controlling stress levels, sleeping well and exercising regularly are also vital.


Some natural home remedies that may help relieve your symptoms while you work on the bigger picture include:

·      Applying coconut oil for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. This can be applied directly onto affected skin a few times a day as well as consuming up to 4 tablespoons daily to help strengthen your immune system.

·      Using turmeric, also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which may help reduce itching and inflammation. Simply mix a half a teaspoon of turmeric with just enough milk to make a paste, and then apply twice a day.



If you’ve ever suffered with eczema or other skin conditions and you’d like to find out more how the functional medicine approach can help you, please get in touch today: nutrition@sarahchesler.com or 07860472261.


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